April 25, 2024

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Why is My Computer Running Slow – 7 Possible Reasons For Slow Computer Performance

Why is My Computer Running Slow – 7 Possible Reasons For Slow Computer Performance

1. You install a program that is not capable with your operating system. Simple uninstall it. It will leave orphan files. These build up after awhile.

2. You have way too many programs all trying to use the memory you have available. Simple turn off some of the applications. OR buy more memory.

3. Your system registry has become very large, this will slow down you computer. Not so simple. Editing the system registry requires more knowledge.

4. You have downloaded a lot of music, videos and movies from the internet. Your computer is slow because it is spread out everywhere. You need to organize this. How system defrag, which will move everything into nice and tidy groups on your hard drive for easier access.

5. You might have a virus, please tell me you have an antivirus program on your computer. If not get one immediately. This is imperative nowadays.

6. Your email program is overloaded. Yes I have this problem, like keeping old letters, and birthday cards. Your program keeps trying to synchronize your mail. Basically move around to make more space. Until you get rid of some of the mail it will continually do this. Move out of the program, maybe save to my documents or put on a disk. Then send to the Delete file and then delete all email in the Delete Folder. I had one customer that would delete from inbox, but not from delete folder, over 4,000 emails that were just eating up space and memory.

7. You have toolbars installed on your browsers. I have about 4. These things take over your computer sometimes. Now with Firefox and Google Chrome, there are many add-ons and extension that are supposed to make browsing the internet better. But they will slow down your computer. Browsers store everything you do online, cookies, history, downloads, you name it they store it. Time to clean it up.

Some of these causes for a slow computer are a quick fix. If you would like to view a video on how to fix check out this simple video I put online for you. If you don’t have the time to do this, then there are computer diagnostics software that will fix all of the problems and more. So bottom line you need to take care of your computers health, just like you, improve performance, get rid of negatives (spyware, viruses, cookies, clutter). Oh yeah don’t eat (download) everything you see.