October 3, 2023

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Why Everyone Should Have Some Basic Knowledge About Natural Antibiotics

Why Everyone Should Have Some Basic Knowledge About Natural Antibiotics

We submit that everyone should have some basic knowledge of natural antibiotics. That would include knowledge as to which naturally-occurring substances have antibiotic properties, and what the proper way to use them in order to obtain that antibiotic effect is.

Before we get deeper into our arguments as to why we submitted that everyone should have some basic knowledge about natural antibiotics, it will be essential for us to give a brief introduction to the concept of antibiotics in general, and natural antibiotics in particular.

Now, antibiotics are substances used in the fight against bacteria. Bacteria, as we all know, are amongst the microbes (alongside mainly fungi and viruses) that cause us illnesses. Arguably, there are more illnesses attributable to bacteria than to any other type of microbes. Not all bacteria cause illnesses, of course. There are actually bacteria that are of huge help to us, bacteria whose numbers we seek to increase in our bodies, rather than to decimate. But the harmful variety of bacteria has to be fought, and the main weapon in that fight is antibiotics.

When antibiotics are manufactured/formulated synthetically in pharmaceutical laboratories, they are referred to as synthetic antibiotics. Those synthetic antibiotics are the only types of antibiotics many of us know. But knowledge about natural antibiotics is slowly perforating to the masses. The said naturally antibiotics are distinguished from other types of antibiotics by the fact that they are ‘directly harnessed from nature.’ They are not synthesized in laboratories. They tend to be just as effective (if to some extent slower acting), as the antibiotics that are synthesized in pharmaceutical laboratories. They are seen by many people as being safer than the antibiotics that are synthesized in laboratories.

Now there is one major reason as to why everyone should have some basic knowledge of natural antibiotics: so that in the event of them being faced with a bacterial infection in a situation where they can’t access synthetically manufactured antibiotics, they would still have a way of dealing with the infection. This is important because we know that some bacteria infections are deadly. And while some remit of their own accord (as the body’s natural immunity system eventually gets the upper hand over them), a majority won’t go into remission on their own. In fact, by the time a bacterial illness is manifesting, the presumption is that the body’s natural immunity has already been overwhelmed by the bacteria. In that case, unless something very drastic were to happen, it is very unlikely for the body to regain an upper hand over the bacteria. Without some sort of mitigation (in the form of an antibiotic), the condition in question would only tend to worsen.

So, as part of ‘survival skills,’ it would be good if everyone had an understanding of the natural antibiotics, so that they can deploy them, in the event of getting down with a bacterial illness in a situation where they can’t access pharmaceutical antibiotics. And since most of the natural antibiotics we are talking about are otherwise harmless plant parts, which work by strengthening the body’s immunity rather than directly killing bacteria, knowledge of them (and subsequent regular usage of them) would be a prudent preventive measure as well.