November 29, 2023

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Two High-Tech Firms Crack the Tough Defense and Military Market and Beat This Brutal Economy

Two High-Tech Firms Crack the Tough Defense and Military Market and Beat This Brutal Economy

Two innovative technology firms have advanced their position in the Defense and Military Market. Both firms were literally unknown quantities in the selected target niches, with top Defense Contractors/Integrators and selected Government Agencies and Program Offices. Both firms had little to no recognized position or opportunity base.

Each addressed a different target segment, applications emphasis and technology sector, although both firms strategically determined that the Defense and Military Market was their highest priority, after careful front-end, research was conducted.

One firm is dedicated to MIMO Multi-Antenna Radio platform solutions that cater to the C4ISR segment, with emphasis on ground-based (urban warfare), ship-to-shore or ship-to-ship communications and real-time video surveillance for border/perimeter control to support the Homeland Security initiative.

The other firm is dedicated to 3-D Virtual Immersive Simulation systems targeted at a range of combat-ready, training applications, like the Patriot Missile Radar project and the Killer Bee UAS project, which assist field-level, technical engineers to perform maintenance and repair functions.

This upgrades and replaces conventional training packages and moves the training application from videos, manuals and paper tests to complete, PC-based, virtual training programs that can be network deployed.

The objective of both firms was to gain quick access and entry to the Defense and Military complex, with heavy emphasis on US Defense Contractors (primary consumers) in phase one. Given that both firms were early-stage, companies, they could not sustain large program investments or extended selling cycles. Further, they needed to build a rich, opportunity base quickly.

Although the structure and make-up of their integrated marketing programs were distinctive, they did share common elements:

1) Vertical Industry Target Development
2) Product Launch/Roll-Out (for radio platforms and training systems, respectively)
3) Target Account and Opportunity Base Development
4) Channel Partner Recruiting/Development (Distribution Network)
5) Active Media Coverage (Industry-noted, Publications).

Industry contacts/relationships with Program Managers, Engineering Management and Senior Executives allowed both firms to gain quick visibility and access to the TOP 60 Defense Contractors (cross-division). These connections also allowed each firm to get up-to-bat with major media sources for featured interviews, contributory articles and selected E-Casts to reinforce their dedication to the Defense and Military Market and generate secondary sources of business. Additionally, key relationships with high-powered, VARs and REP firms were leveraged to quickly extend “feet on the street” and build the opportunity base for both firms.

This segment of the campaign will set the tone for subsequent phases, which will continue building both firms’ position, as quality leaders and generate tangible business. The rich, worldwide contact network in the Defense and Military Market and the selection of a competent and experienced Marketing Partner are the elements that made this program effective. It is clear that companies are struggling for survival in this brutal market economy. There is no free-lunch or Midas touch, however firms, in spite of the odds – are moving forward and realizing continued success.