April 25, 2024

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Turn One Short Article Into a Regular, Reliable Source of Traffic for Life!

Turn One Short Article Into a Regular, Reliable Source of Traffic for Life!

As most successful Internet marketers know, article marketing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to drive traffic to websites and blogs recommending your own products or to other people’s products you are promoting as an affiliate.

It also costs nothing to write articles and upload them to other people’s websites and blogs, or to article directories, so writing their own promotional articles should be a part of every online marketer’s daily life.

The reason articles placed in online directories can attract such high visitor numbers to your promotions is because the best directories are popular with major search engines like Google and that helps articles placed at the directory to rank high in search engine returns.

As to why some directories are more popular with search engines than others, is because they only accept quality articles filled with reliable, fresh and accurate information from their contributors.

As an article marketer you have three main ways to make money from your articles listed at major online directories:

– From visitors to the directory who read your work and click on the link in your resource box to subsequently learn more about whatever you are promoting.

– From publishers taking articles from other people’s directories and placing them on their own websites and having to include authors’ resource boxes with active links in those articles.

– From people keying words into search engines that coincide with keywords and phrases used in your reviews and recommendations which then result in your work being listed high in search engine returns. And that means a review or recommendation you write about a specific product or service can be viewed thousands of times daily and generate lots of commissions for you.

But it’s only well written articles containing lots of useful information that will be listed high in search engine returns. That’s because companies like Google prefer to return quality information to people using their search facility than to send customers to websites containing outdated or inaccurate content. So it follows, if your articles are good and placed on directories accepting quality content over inferior, then you could ultimately attract hundreds or even thousands of visitors daily to your promotions.

And you won’t be surprised to find just one article can spread across the Internet, creating new active links every day, and explaining why countless web marketers spend their entire working life writing and uploading articles to their own sites and online directories, and generating hundreds of buyers for their recommended products each day.