November 28, 2023

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The Secret Knowledge

The Secret Knowledge

From the Kabbalah of the Jews to the Surfis sect of Islam to the oldest know writings of the Hindu, the Rig-Veda, from Christianity to Buddhism. All of these named have, to some extent or another the Sacred Knowledge. The Egyptian Hierophants (Priest) made the Pyramids in the shape of a Triangle & Square for several important reasons. This is an example of the very basic building blocks of the knowledge of the ancients.

The Triangle = Represents the number 3 or Light (also Spirit) or Male

The Square = Represents the number 4 or Life (also Matter) or Female

Meaning 3+4 = 7 (Union)…Of course 3 (Spirit) + 4 (Matter) = 7 (Union a.k.a Life On This Plane)
The Pyramids were where the King & Queens children would be conceived & born. Also where Initiates would go through the rites of passage, being “Reborn” into a new consciousness, literally. The Pyramids were also the burial grounds for the Royal family. The most important Unions in Egypt transpired in the Pyramids.

The Hermetic phrase of, “As Above So Below” is a phrase used by everyone from Hermes to Newton. The double equilateral Triangle (a.k.a. Star of David by the Jewish sect) is the symbol of the Hermetic phrase, “As Above So Below.” One Pyramid pointing up and one pointing down. This phrase covered everything the ancient sages needed to understand for the most part. From hierarchy to motion.

The number 6 = Physical Nature….so when someone tells you that 666 is the, “Mark of the Beast” you can do your own calculations. Three number sixes……. 3 (Spirit) + 6 (Physical Nature) = 9 (The Spirit of Physical Nature) i.e. selfishness, lust, greed, hate etc.. Our capitalist system (the one that just swallowed the world whole) was the Beast. Promoting this Illusion of greed, lust, hate AND THAT THIS IS GOOD FOR YOU etc.. Watch out for the Mark of the beast? The rest of the world not only took the Mark but they distributed it as well. Fought right beside it all the way and then asked “What just happened?” The Illusion is unwinding finally, and will continue to unwind until those that want to see through the Veil can. A higher consciousness or rebirth,”Born Again” means something different in today’s world.

To draw the Male line was a vertical stick (l) and to draw the Female line was (-) put the two together and you have the cross (+) representing, again, Male + Female = Union…Of course, it could also mean Male (Spirit) + Female (Matter) = Life (as we know it on this plane of consciousness.)

When it comes to The Source, we believe that God is eternal, infinite and without ceasing of course. Suns burn out, implode, explode etc.. The only constant we can understand for The Source to exist without ceasing would be in Darkness without Motion. Motion is finite as well is light, a product of motion. Motion is within all matter on our material plan. From our chairs to our physical self. The ancients understood that our thoughts take motion. This was 4,000 years before the MRI.

To be admitted to Socrates’ school in 540 B.C. Greece, you not only had to know basic math, you also had to know the basics of Pythagorean geometry (only taught by Initiates at the time) with the understandings of their esoteric (secret knowledge) nature. Plato was taught by Socrates and Plato later taught Aristotle who later taught Alexander The Great. Most of the great minds of the ancients knew this knowledge. From Salon to Newton. Newton was an Alchemist until his
death. Alchemy was not about turning metals into gold. I will not write on Alchemy but to say that the name Alchemy was changed to chemistry not long after the death of Newton. Newton had evolved his own math as well. Trigonometry was known to Newton alone for 12 years until he decided it was time to share it with the world.

The Sacred Knowledge is being Reborn at this time for the purpose of bringing us into a higher consciousness for the New Age. Both collectively and individually.

As Blavatsky (originator of the New Age movement) said over 100 years ago, “There Is No Religion Greater Than Truth.”