September 20, 2023

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The Red Hat Society & Queen Mammas

The Red Hat Society & Queen Mammas

Although the Red Hat society is sometimes referred to as “dis-organization” there is a hierarchy of structure among its chapters. Who are the Chapter Queens of the Red Hat Society and what do they do? Are there Co-Queens or Vice Queens and what if a chapter wishes to change their Chapter Queen?

The whole concept of Chapter Queen began when the founder of The Red Hat Society rather jokingly referred to herself as the “Queen Mother” after she started the first group. The Chapter Queen is usually the person who registers the group and may also be the person who plans the activities. Although most groups will handle the activity planning in their own ways and then the Chapter Queen will not have quite as much responsibility. Someone other than the Chapter Queen can also be in charge of registering the other members of the group.

The Chapter Queen wears many hats. She may act as the lawyer of the group and have a fitting name or she may be the Mother of Creativity. She can choose any name that she feels is best for her personality. Some days she may be the “Mistress of Fun” and other times she may serve as the Tea Party Queen. It is really up to the Queen herself.

Co-Queens may be chosen but they do not receive the special status awarded to the Chapter Queen. If Co-Queens choose to become Purple Perks members they will receive those benefits, however.

If a chapter is planning a change in the role of Queens it may be best to do so when it is time to renew the chapter’s membership. The current Queen should make the phone call and have all the pertinent information about the person who will be taking over the responsibilities. The transition will go more smoothly when handled in this manner.

Being a Red Hat Society Chapter Queen is an honor and it is also a lot of fun. You will be able to encourage the other members of your chapter to have fun and form new relationships.