April 25, 2024

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The Importance of Gaining Knowledge

The Importance of Gaining Knowledge

Knowledge is vital to success. And knowledge is always available. Yet many people do not avail themselves of the privilege of learning, knowing and growing. You should always aim on being informed about the areas of life which interest you. You should also learn about the issues of life which may affect the lives of those who look to you for insight and advice. People are always looking for knowledge. However, because the person or people who they seek counsel from do not read, study and learn, they only give them what I call ‘dark knowledge’. Dark knowledge is information given in ignorance of the subject under discussion. Why ask a person about how to handle finances, who do not even have a bank book, or who is broker than you are? Why ask someone who is always sick, how to receive healing and live a healthy life?

It is important that the knowledge we seek comes from informed individuals, who know what they are talking or writing about. Research therefore is necessary.

I am an advocate for the power and blessing of reading good, wholesome and insightful books. I love reading. And so should you. When we give some of our time to reading various kinds of books, we will find ourselves learning how to get ahead in life, getting things done more efficiently and perhaps more quickly as well. We will discover ideas and revelations of how to handle various situations, circumstances and relationships. We will be able and better prepared to take a positive role in society and may even ascend to positions of great authority and wealth.

Through knowledge, we can gain wisdom, which is the understanding of how to use what we have and what we know to gain what we desire or need. Wisdom teaches us how to use knowledge in the most effective and efficient manner, to get where we have a vision of going.

Knowledge is the information. Understanding is grasping and comprehending that information. Wisdom is knowing what to do with that information. But it begins with knowledge.

There are three things a person can do to develop the habit of reading. And although some of these things may be a little difficult for some, the effect and results derived from applying these principles will prove to be life-transforming. Here they are:

1. Learn to read.
I am not trying to be mean-spirited here. Some people have difficulty reading because they do not know how. And please understand that all of us had to learn how to do it. We had to learn how to spell. We had to learn how to put words together. And even though at times, this seemed hard to do, we learned to do it. So, do not be discouraged if you have to learn how to read. And do not be concerned about what others will think of you. Learn to read and you will be glad you did.

2. Choose books which will help you right where you are right now.
There are books on spirituality, the mind, health, wealth, sociality, history, geography, computers, life, children, youths, etc. There are fictions which help to expand our imaginations. So choose which books you need to read, which subject matters appeal to you.

3. Read, and finish one book, before you read another. Finishing books is what makes you a reader. Those who just read a piece of a book here and then a piece there, never finishing any book, are not readers. They are in my opinion, ‘scrappers’. Readers read and finish what they read, so that they can know the conclusion of the whole matter.

So read. Keep on reading. And one day someone will ask you for advice and you will have something valuable and informed to say.