April 25, 2024

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The Forbidden Knowledge You Must Have – Dream Interpretation As a Science

The Forbidden Knowledge You Must Have – Dream Interpretation As a Science

Even if you have never cared about your dreams in your life or you don’t intend to, you must learn what exists in your psyche, how your brain and behavior work and why you must protect yourself from losing your mental health.

This is forbidden knowledge because:

1. The wild side of your brain keeps hiding the truth from the human side of your brain so that it may manipulate you.

2. Since most people live dominated by their wild side, they agree with what is bad and immoral, and this is why they distort reality and give false definitions to all its aspects, closing their eyes to what is dangerous.

3. Only by learning how to exactly decipher the enigmatic dream language can you have access to the precious knowledge that will reveal the entire truth about yourself and the meaning of your life.

You may think that your dreams don’t deserve your attention or that you never will remember any dream if you don’t remember your dreams today, but you’ll be surprised to discover that they are like a computer with an internet connection, which keeps giving you information through images.

The information you receive is objective and real, this has already been scientifically proved.

If you do care about them, you’ll remember 5 dreams per night. Today you don’t remember them only because you don’t give them any importance.

I can even tell you that if you won’t change your mind after learning how much you can discover about yourself, other people, the world around you, the future and many things more only by translating the meaning of your dreams, you still have to learn what exists inside your brain and how you can protect your mental health and happiness, thanks to the knowledge you’ll acquire by learning what our dreams reveal to us.

Your dreams are going to protect you from making the wrong decisions and from getting involved with the wrong people. They will show you the future development of your wedding, of your career, and of everything else you care about.

If you believe that you don’t have psychological problems and you simply want to use the knowledge you’ll acquire through dream messages in order to be successful in your business, you’ll be very smart and certainly surpass all your adversaries, since you’ll be able to predict their reactions and predict what could happen in the future depending on your actions.

You’ll realize that the unconscious mind that produces your dreams is your natural doctor and teacher and only gives you the best advice.

It helps you solve the most insignificant and the most important problems of your life, with exactly the same devotion, because everything is important for you and everything can provoke a mental illness.

This is why it patiently shows you, through many dream messages, how to make money, how to make friends, how to keep your garden, how to always be in a pleasant mood and everything else you may desire.

The wise unconscious protection helps you stay away from depression, craziness and suicidal tendencies, besides helping you develop completely your intelligence.

The knowledge it gives you is more than precious, and it is continuous.

Until today it was forbidden for you, but now my simplification of the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by the psychiatrist Carl Jung has transformed the complicated and obscure occupation with the meaning of your dreams into a simple and exact translation from images to words.