September 20, 2023

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The Aim Companies Review – Is the World Ready For Green Barley Juice?

The Aim Companies Review – Is the World Ready For Green Barley Juice?

The AIM Companies (AIM International) aspires to provide wholesome nourishment through various products to help maintain a healthy body. This is a multi-level marketing company that distributes information and products through its representatives. If you are a rep working with AIM companies or planning to become one, read on to see if the income plan offered by this company is as healthy as its products.

o AIM’s Aim The AIM Companies was formed by Dennis Itami in 1982 to improve people’s health by promoting good eating habits and aiding digestion. This company is an advocate for healthy food habits and exercise. The organization believes in a personal approach to market and sell products; hence it’s adopted the network marketing style instead of having a single retail outlet. The bread and butter of the company is the green barley juice and 35 meticulously crafted products.

o AIM Companies – A Review Of The Income Opportunity The income opportunity offered by AIM companies is realistic. You could either work just enough to recover the cost of products you’ve purchased or work hard to build a thriving business that offers good residual income. The company offers training and supplies you with any information you may require regarding your standing in the hierarchy. The compensation and bonus plans are attractive, provided you’re able to build a good network of customers and recruit enough people.

o What You Should Know About This Business If recovering your expenses is your aim, all you have to do is follow the instructions given in the training program, contact your friends and relatives and sell products to them. This way, you could get back what you’ve spent; maybe a little more. However, if you are thinking in terms of establishing a successful business with this company’s products, you need to think beyond. The training offered by the AIM International will not tell you how to obtain contacts or how to capture a substantial customer base. You may be encouraged by your company to engage in cold calling, organizing meetings or speaking to customers at retail outlets etc. While these may work at times, we have to keep in mind these techniques are outdated. Most customers tend to shy away from such callers. You may even be driving interested customers away by calling them to meetings!

o Tricks To Get To The Top Simple! Just switch over to new techniques that are guaranteed to draw customers to your business. Online marketing is an emerging trend that’s proved to be very useful to many network marketing reps like you. With a variety of tools to spread the word to millions of net users, you could gain the attention of people that are interested in nutritional products, get their contact detail and offer information on AIM International products. Differentiate yourself from other reps, promote your business online and get people to sign up. There are so many secrets to online marketing such as using social networking sites and articles marketing that are sure to get good results.