September 22, 2023

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Take AIM Airsoft Magazine – Reviewing This Awesome New Airsoft Gun Publication

Take AIM Airsoft Magazine – Reviewing This Awesome New Airsoft Gun Publication

Take AIM Airsoft magazine is an Irish based Bi monthly publication that has recently become available in the United states. Each issue is roughly 70 full color glossy pages long and is jammed full of awesome air soft information. This cool magazine covers a wide range of topics related to the hobby of soft air guns!

What Does Take AIM Cover In Every Issue

Product Reviews– This magazine gives some of the most honest and in depth reviews of new and existing products in the hobby. The reviews will cover everything from new guns to safety goggles and everything in between The reviews are very honest and in depth and will tell you the good and bad about each one.

Player Profiles– They will often profile an enthusiast who is involved in the hobby and active in skirmishes. These are fun to read and they give you a great understanding of how other people approach and enjoy the hobby.

Team Profiles– These are profiles of the very serious hobbiests who take their skirmish competitions very serious,often employing actual military tactics. Learning how these players train and work together is very interesting and the only place you can read articles like this is in Take AIM magazine.

Maintenance Tips– There is also a good amount of technical and care tips listed in this magazine. These tips will help you have guns that shoot faster and equipment that lasts longer. Even the most experienced airsoft play and hobbyist will learn something from their tips!

Aside from the wealth of information this new magazine also is jammed packed full of high gloss professional photos that are taken in a way that makes you feel like you are really there. So if you are looking for a publication that will give you all the information you need about the hobby of soft air guns you may want to check out take AIM magazine, you will be glad you did!