September 25, 2023

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So You Think That You Have the Correct Leadership Skill Set?

So You Think That You Have the Correct Leadership Skill Set?

Leadership Skill

As with any other part of modern life it is important to move on and develop our skills, improving our knowledge and abilities. Ideas and methods that were appropriate years ago may now be outdated and inapplicable to the present environment we work in. This applies to the development of leadership skill too.

Attitudes and Leadership Skill

One of the areas that has changed during recent years is the attitude adopted towards leadership skill. Whereas once upon a time the attitude was “do your best”, it is now “try your best”. Employers have now realised that they have to develop the staff before them and not aim for perfect staff intake. This is a leadership skill of itself, not expecting to find perfection where perfection just isn’t possible.

The Essentials

A vital leadership skill is an understanding of the basics. We must expect our team leaders to be literate and numerate. However some businesses are so desperate for staff that leaders may be chosen for qualities such as promptness! However they then need to develop that person as the appointed leader through leadership skill training.

Language and Understanding

Naturally it is also important that the employee can understand the native tongue fluently and effectively, even though perhaps it may not be their first language. Chaos may result if effective communication cannot be made between work colleagues and customers. With different teams speaking different languages then a multilingual leader may be required.


We must cover the dedication to deadlines during this discussion of leadership skill. During times of great stress, to meet difficult and imposed deadlines it is vital that the leader is seen to work hard to deliver to time, staying late if necessary, and setting an example to work colleagues. Beyond that time there may be the drop dead date, an absolute final, final deadline beyond which no excuse or reason will be accepted by the person expecting the product. Any leader responsible for failing in this mission will need some leadership skill top up training.