April 25, 2024

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Should You Do Computer Repair On Your PC Yourself?

Should You Do Computer Repair On Your PC Yourself?

Have you ever wondered what you had to do if you wanted to add a new peripheral to your computer, or perhaps replace a mouse or keyboard, or even if you wanted to add more memory? Did you assume that they needed to go to the computer repair shop? In some instances this could be true; however, there are many upgrades and repairs a person without any knowledge can do to fix or upgrade their computer.

In the older days of the computer and its internal parts, it was very difficult to do anything within it; you would have to go to your local city computer repair shop even if you wanted to just add more memory (RAM). Many times as well you would have to get special hardware for your PC as a lot of computers then were made to be proprietary; meaning, that if you had a Dell PC, you need to buy Dell RAM.

Nowadays it is much easier to do things regarding upgrades or fixes. Some of the things that you can do, without having to take your pc to the local city computer repair shop are things such as replacing your mouse, replacing a keyboard, installing a modem, adding a new monitor, and even if you are confident you can install a hard drive or even a new memory chip.

One pc repair you probably will not want to attempt to do however is to try replacing your motherboard. You also probably do not want try to replace the full power supply (with fan). These can be a bit tricky and it does require some knowledge.

Many times however, your hardware is not the cause of a broken computer. Quite often, the cause of what seems like a hardware issue is actually caused by software, mostly due to all the spyware, malware and viruses out and about.

Other times some rogue program or script can actually damage a hard drive as it will corrupt many of the sectors on it. If you only have one hard drive, and it becomes corrupt, you would most likely need to bring your PC to the computer repair shop. The computer technician might have to replace your hard drive and then try to salvage all your data that you had on the corrupt one.

Some people feel that it is best if their pc needs to be fixed or diagnosed and in some instances just having software installed, that they should take it to their local city computer repair shop. This is always up to the person, you can always try to do it yourself, and if you fail, then take it in to see the computer repair tech.