April 25, 2024

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Should the US Senate Cut Advanced Weapons Tech Programs for the US Navy?

Should the US Senate Cut Advanced Weapons Tech Programs for the US Navy?

Anyone who understands the true nature of political impasse, political negotiation, and the global demand for resources can see that human wars will probably go on for another 50 to 100 years into the future. There’s nothing wonderful about having human wars, and you’d think that a species which claims so much intelligence would be smarter than this, but they aren’t, are they? Perhaps, it is for this reason that as an American living in a land of abundance that I believe we must protect ourselves.

As human warfare technology advances, so must we. In fact there’s a lot to be said by the theory that security for one’s nation comes with strength. After all, if you are the big boy the block there will be fewer challengers. Thus, one could say that we need the strongest military in our entire solar system. And, there would be no excuse not to, seeing as we have the ability, the technology, the strength of character, and the resolve to get there – or do we? That is to say have we lost our resolve for a strong military?

There was an interesting feature recently on Fox News on June 20, 2011 titled; “Railguy, Laser Weapon Lose Senate Funding, Face Uncertain Future,” which showed footage of a General Atomics railgun weapon called “Blitzer” which uses electromagnetic pulses to fire the projectile. The article stated;

“The Navy’s most futuristic weapons will remain more fi than sci. The Senate Armed Services Committee voted to eliminate funding for two of the Navy’s still-in-development guns: the free electron laser, essentially a super-powered death ray, and the railgun. The Navy had planned to incorporate these sci-fi weapons in a revamped fleet of the future, and asked for $60 million to continue R&D.”

Is this really wise? No, it’s not, and $60 million is very little money to continue these projects. Cutting futuristic military weapons programs is not smart because we must stay on the leading edge, and have the most advanced weapons and the largest numbers of them as well. We need to maintain our strength if we wish to maintain our superpower status and being the greatest nation ever created, which we are, and no one in the world really denies that, even if they try to debate that point in public, or in the global media – everyone knows, no secret there.

The Senate should not cut advanced weapons technology programs for the United States Navy. In fact if the Senate was really wise they would take that $60 million and multiply it by a factor of 10. Likewise whatever the DARPA budget is, it also should be multiplied by a factor of 10, and broken into additional groups to prevent it from becoming bureaucratic. We must have the best innovation, the best systems, and the best technology that humans can dream up and build. That will keep us strong.