November 28, 2023

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Practical Nursing Schools – What You Should Know!

Practical Nursing Schools – What You Should Know!

If you’re looking for a new career, licensed practical nursing might be the answer to your search for a career with good pay, job security, and long term prospects. Practical nursing schools are all over the country, and they can have you out making good money in about a year or so. LPNs make better than average wages starting out, and the longer they stay on the job the more they make. And if you want to earn extra income, the potential for overtime as an LPN is usually really high – far better than in most ordinary jobs.

Are practical nursing schools hard to get into? No, not really. Compared to nursing programs at colleges and universities which lead to RN degrees, getting into LPN school is a lot easier. Those programs have much tougher entrance requirements, because they’re simply aren’t enough nursing professors to meet the need for new registered nurses. Plus, those schools can take 4 years to complete your degree. Can you afford to wait four years to start working? Not to mention you’ll be paying four years of tuition while you’re going to school. And that’s assuming you can even get admitted to a four year program in the first place.

That’s why if you really have your heart set on a nursing career, practical nursing schools should be your first choice. You won’t spend four years in a classroom, racking up huge debts for college loans. You’ll be graduated and working in about a year, making good money instead of going further into debt. If you do need a student loan to attend, LPN schools are eligible, but instead of borrowing enough money for four years of classes, you’ll only borrow enough for one. Plus, should you ever want to become an RN, you’ll have a leg up, because many programs give preferences to LPN applicants. So what are you waiting for? Contact your local LPN school today, and get started on a fascinating new career!