September 28, 2023

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Practical Nursing Schools – 4 Things You Should Know

Practical Nursing Schools – 4 Things You Should Know

With the practical nursing program, nurses can work on a completely different level. In fact, as a practical nurse, they would be assisting the doctor providing medical treatment to the patient, directly with their work. Practical Nurses, also known as LPNs or LVNs, ensure that basic and advanced health care services are provided to the patient during their stay in the healthcare setting.

Here are 5 things you must know about Practical Nursing Schools; these are educational entities responsible for providing education to the nurses for them to become trained, practical nurses.

– Time – On an average, programs for practical nurses last for about 1500 hours of study, with the course curriculum split in different modules. On an average, it takes nurses about 12-15 months to complete this course, but this depends on how much time the nurse commits to the studies.

– Course curriculum – The course curriculum at the practical nursing schools is split into academics and clinical work, with both these aspects of practical nursing study getting equal weight. Nurses though, do have the option of taking the clinical studies at flexi-hours, an arrangement provided only by some nursing schools.

– Eligibility criteria – Though the eligibility for nurses to do this course is not tough, it still requires the nurse to be physically fit and be free of any addiction habits. The nurses, on entrance to this course, must also declare their medical fitness certified by a local doctor.

– Attendance – It is advisable to complete the education through the classroom mode of earning. If nurses opt for this route of learning, it is important they maintain a clean slate in the attendance records during lectures and clinical sessions. Online practical nursing courses are available, but should only be chosen by students who don’t have the funds to do the classroom course.

Some practical nursing schools also offer financial aid or scholarships. Before applying for admission to a nursing school, make sure you check the application process for the financial aid.

Most importantly, nurses should check the credibility of the nursing school offering practical nursing programs. It is always beneficial to complete this course from a recognized nursing school, which will allow nurses to qualify for plenty of job opportunities.