September 28, 2023

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Old 6809 Computer Lives Again On Breadboards

Old 6809 Computer Lives Again On Breadboards

Between previous CPUs, the 6809 under no circumstances bought as considerably consideration as some of its cousins. The Radio Shack CoCo used it and so did a design post in Wi-fi Planet Journal. Now [Dave] has reconstructed that computer on breadboards and it appears to be like terrific. The documents are on GitHub and there is even a sequence of movies about the device. You can enjoy the 1st a single under.

You can even read through the original content articles in the January 1981 Wireless Earth where the board utilised a 6802. The improve to a 6809 appears in the July 1981 issue. The journal promised you could build the program for £100. Moreover the 6809 there were only a couple of chips. A Prom, two RAM chips, A 6821 PIA, and a 74LS138 decoder for deal with variety. An MC1413 transistor array also authorized for a 7-phase screen and a keypad together with a 7442 BCD decoder.

Seemingly [Dave] experienced started off a equivalent laptop or computer again in the 80s, and designed modifications to it to adapt to the Wireless World’s undertaking memory map. It appears like he did not finish it, but he identified the outdated boards and resolved to recreate it on a breadboard.

Like quite a few pcs of the day, the equipment had a cassette interface. We seriously like the aesthetic of the 7-segment LEDs and the all round seem of the construct.

The 6809 did see use in some certain industrial and video clip activity apps. There was also a New Zealand instructional laptop or computer based on the 6809, alongside with a couple other household desktops like the SuperPET and the Dragon.