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Millionaire Mind – Bill Bartmann-Bill Gates-Donald Trump And You

Millionaire Mind – Bill Bartmann-Bill Gates-Donald Trump And You

VERY LITTLE — other than breathing, eating and the need for some basic necessities like going to the restroom every day.

You know that Bill Gates and Donald Trump are billionaires. Most likely, you never heard

of Bill Bartmann. Let me tell you, he is also a billionaire — just like Bill Gates and Donald Trump.

What do they have in COMMON?

All of them know the secret of their success resides deep inside their minds.

What do they KNOW that YOU DON’T know?

Same answer: all of them know the secret of their success resides deep inside their minds.

They are NOT like most people when they embark to make money.

When most people decide they want to make more money, what do they do?

They look for some MAGIC program like making money from home, making money on ebay, real estate, stock market, commodities, and so on.

They desperately and frantically buy one program after another. They flock from one seminar to another listening to the promises of the gurus who tell them they will make tons of money overnight!

These people receive this ‘hype’ and are even skillfully ‘manipulated’ into a state of

motivation THAT MAKES THEM FEEL so good they buy even more books, tapes

and CDs while at those seminars.

Then, they go home, they try a few things and reality sets in.

It is NOT al all as they were told. They find they cannot make money overnight,

in spite of all the promises from the gurus, who themselves did not make money


“What’s wrong?”, they ask. Their answer; “This stupid program I bought doesn’t work”.

Then, they turn around and start looking for another program to buy and try.

And they keep going on this endless, vicious loop forever.

Are all those programs really that bad? Some are. Others are excellent and have

the potential of making huge sums of money for those who buy them.

Would Bill Gates, Donald Trump and Bill Barmann succeed and make huge sums of money with those same programs?

Of course, they would. Why?

Because they have what is known as the ‘Millionaire Mind’ — a mind completely void of all negative, limiting beliefs regarding money and THEIR ability to make TONS of money. They have succeeded in PROGRAMMING their mind, their Subconscious minds to be more accurate, to make them magnets to money and GUIDE them step by step in achieving total and complete success in their financial goals.

If at this point you are not asking yourself some obvious questions about the ‘possibility’ that, NOT those programs, but MAYBE the beliefs you have about yourself

and money are the REASON all those programs do NOT work for you, then you do not deserve to make lots of money. You do NOT deserve to be a millionaire. You DESERVE TO FAIL.

The billionaires like the two Bills and Donald above are constantly improving their Self Images and getting rid of any beliefs that will make them fail in the achievement of their financial goals. They simply do not let their minds even focus on the possibility of failure. They succeeded in TRAINING their subconscious minds into FOCUSING only on SUCCESS. And now, their successes come to them almost automatically.

And in the rare instances when they do not achieve what they set out to get, they do NOT belittle themselves, as the immense majority of people do, but simply find out what went wrong, any beliefs that got in the way, and they proceed to reprogram their minds with the new insights so they will succeed the NEXT time.

They may not talk in terms of reprogramming their Subconscious but that is what they do!

Essentially, THAT is what they mean when they talk about ‘learning from your mistakes’. They use those past experiences to essentially tell their minds what to do and what to

avoid NEXT time.

As long as you refuse to develop that “Millionaire Mind” of the millionaires, multimillionaires

and billionaires, you shall continue to FAIL — no matter how great the program you buy is.

There are many ways to develop that “Millionaire Mind”. Some require a lot more work than others.

The fastest and easiest way to develop that “Millionaire Mind” of the millionaires, multimillionaires and billionaires is to DOWNLOAD directly into your Subconscious mind the beliefs, values, rules, attitudes and behaviors of those super rich people — totally bypassing the resistance of your Conscious mind. Once they are accepted by your Subconscious, you will find yourself believing like the super rich, thinking like them, having the same attitudes they have and behaving in ways that will make you ‘automatically’ take the right steps to achieve all your financial goals. It will be as there is a MAGIC GENIE inside you telling you exactly what to do next.

These super rich people have succeeded into programming their Subconscious minds for success a long time ago. They are now in AUTO PILOT. Success has become totally normal and natural for them. It is now second nature — just as their names are Bill and Donald. They hardly have to think about it anymore. Their minds are totally programmed for complete

and absolute success.

And that is what you will get IF you learn how to TRANSPLANT (or DOWNLOAD) into your Subconscious the “Millionaire Mind’ of the super rich – their beliefs, values, rules, attitudes and behaviors. Then, you will also be on AUTO PILOT to Success!

For your own sake, learn how to develop that Millionaire Mind that will place you on AUTO PILOT to success. Anything else will fail or give you only a very small success.

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