November 29, 2023

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…Lost’s Matt Biolos Talks Snowboard Layout and His Collaboration With Lib Tech

Biolos, permitting his journey communicate for alone in Japan. Image:

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Acquiring surfboard shapers who’ve productively designed the transition to designing snowboards is rare. Confident, a great deal of shapers appreciate to experience snow. Who doesn’t? But …Lost’s Matt Biolos–it could be argued–is making it seem kinda straightforward: he’s experienced the most core results in the surfing world, and has also located a true foothold in snowboarding with his Lib Tech partnership.

I fulfilled Matt a long time ago in his place of work on Calle des Los Molinos, the shaping district in north San Clemente, Calif. that has kicked out an crazy amount of browsing craftsmanship from less than the foam dust piles: Timmy Patterson, Jerry O’Keefe, and Terry Senate to name a couple. But Biolos assisted build an undeniably rebellious vibe in the district. He informed me of the rowdy events he applied to host in the 1990’s at a house he rented there, at the peak of surfing’s aerial revolution in which San Clemente was central. Biolos is as appealing a character as you are going to come across. And he’s been snowboarding for almost as extensive as he’s been surfing, he just doesn’t have to offer with the marketplace drama on the snow aspect like he does in surf.

“One of my favorite items about snowboarding is that I’m not in the small business,” he explained to me, chuckling. “I can just place my goggles on and I’m just another center-aged schmuck. But I like conversing snow.”

Biolos, deep in the art.

Biolos and Mervin Production (Lib Tech) co-founder Pete Saari are longtime close friends and had batted the collab idea close to for several years. And it lastly took place in 2015 when Mervin manufactured a established of surfboards and snowboards for the iconic shaper.

“We did the …Lost Rocket and Round Nosed Fish in snowboards, a few seasons ago, and then we did the Puddle Jumper and Shorter Spherical for surf,” Biolos states.

The Lib Tech development on the surf facet is a little something Biolos says was needed to up the durability for two of his boards to support him compete in specific segments of the sector. And he’s stoked the boards are created in the company’s Seattle manufacturing unit. “I’m completely happy with it,” he suggests. “It matches a area of interest of sturdy, semi-superior performance boards and it assists me contend with the bulletproof sector. The bitchin’ thing—and I never believe Lib Tech gets more than enough credit for this—is that they are all created in America and are significantly more eco-friendly than something out there.”


The …Lost Rocket, quickly becoming a traditional.

Biolos did a powder board this year for snowboarder (and surfer) Jamie Lynn (the Mayhem Limited Body fat) that seems really enjoyment for deep days and continues to operate on types in his San Clemente lab and in Mammoth, Calif., his next home the place he in essence life component-time with his household. But it’s the …Lost Rocket, a directional, and adaptable, pow crossover board, that has caught on in the community. “The Rocket is one particular of my all-time favorite snowboards,” states Jesse Burtner, a legendary filmmaker in the business now with Lib Tech.

I’ve had the satisfaction of driving the Rocket, much too, and Burtner’s ideal. The matter is so fun for major pow slashes but isn’t way too wide and girthy to cross over on to hardpack. “Its acquired authentic forgiving camber, “ says Biolos. “And individuals feel to appreciate it. I researched some of the boardercross boards ridden in the Olympics and X Video games. It’s fundamentally like two huge bike tires for rocker.”

It’s not a park board: extra for driving and perfecting your turn. Some thing, thanks to his browsing track record, Biolos is tremendous in to (as is the rest of the snowboarding business currently, it would seem). Regardless of his pension for keeping in the qualifications, Biolos is very well-versed in the snow market and wishes to go on to push designs that emphasize the transform, tinkering in his store then traveling up to Seattle to tweak his creations with the Lib Tech team. “Turning and carving,” states Biolos, “as you get older, you have to glance for other methods to get your kicks.”