December 9, 2023

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Lisa Herzog motivated by macabre activities

EVANSVILLE — Vampires, witches and other spooky items are a custom for most people in Oct. But for Lisa Herzog, the macabre is an day to day detail.

“My home is embellished (for) Halloween all yr very long,” Herzog said. “I just really like creepy stuff.”

She’s always been intrigued by the morbid, but for Herzog, it truly is individual: It really is in her DNA. A genealogy assisted her learn that a few of her ancestors were hanged during the 17th Century Salem witch trials. 

Her really like for darkish subjects has been a muse for her other enthusiasm: Art.

Herzog, 61, is featured in the “Faces of Evansville Ladies” show at the Evansville Museum of Arts, Science and Heritage by means of the finish of September.

It really is a normal match for Herzog, who grew up in the museums the place her father worked as a director. It is where she made her enjoy for art.