April 21, 2024

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Leadership Tips: How to Delegate

Leadership Tips: How to Delegate

We are discussing the importance of delegation and how to do it right. Many of us have a difficult time delegating. We are giving you some tips and ideas to help you become a pro at delegating, help you grow and prosper in your business or career.

Many people have issues delegating effectively. It’s challenging to know when you need to do something yourself and when you can hand something off to someone else. You can only do so many things on your own. As you can see there are instances when you must have someone else help you accomplish a task. We’ve all had experiences where someone has let us down and we may be hesitant to delegate. Sometimes we make some mistakes in delegation. Mostly it’s our fault as a leader that we did not delegate properly.


There must be a clear line of communication. This is really challenging because you need to be able to communicate effectively what needs to be done and the deadline for completion. What are you going to delegate? What are the expectations? What are the results that you are looking for? What exactly needs to be accomplished? You need to have a clear vision of the project or task and be able to clarify the expectations. Have the end in mind.


Make sure the person you are delegating to knows exactly what they will be responsible for.


Allow the person to have access to the decision maker. Make sure they know what authority they have as an individual to make decisions to move the project or task forward.


Don’t be open ended. Make sure you give the person you are delegating to a firm date of completion.


Monitor the progress. Use the plan, do, check, act process. This is very similar to Goal Setting. Much of these organizational methods come back to the basics. If you have systems you can relieve the pressure and get more things accomplished. You can duplicate yourself. What I mean by duplicating yourself is to have people in place that can do tasks that you do. Break the tasks down, train the people whom you are delegating, give them clear direction, gauge their progress, evaluate, make suggestions or changes. Have the system and process work for you. There’s a delicate balance in managing and working with people in delegation. The more you can get a system in place the better you are. I’m a big ISO fan. ISO is a quality system. At it’s simplest it’s a system that proposes that everything you write down you do. If you get your systems down and both parties involved agree to them then you will have success. We have to make sure that we are in agreement when we are delegating and working with others to complete a task or project.

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When you delegate from a leadership perspective it’s a great idea to have general consensus between the parties. Then you are not managing based on authority you are managing based on partnership. Both parties are in agreement. Put the details in writing. Start to delegate more. You only get better as you delegate. Work on getting delegation skills working for you. Great leaders delegate. Learn to delegate effectively.