December 9, 2023

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Knowledge is Not Power – Application of Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Not Power – Application of Knowledge is Power

Many people seek knowledge for different reasons. For example, the law of attraction has attracted people who don’t understand the laws. They watched The Secret and were told that if you think it you’ll receive it — like summoning a genie. Unfortunately, the law of attraction doesn’t work that way. Most of the people who took the knowledge from The Secret have not been successful manifesting their desires. Why? The application of the knowledge was incorrect.

When you study, what do you with the information? Where does it go? How do you apply it to your life? Perhaps you’re like most people and file the information away in your mind to use for a later date. That date never comes and you forget what you learned. This is counterproductive and doesn’t serve you.

Application of knowledge is power

Learning how to apply any knowledge you gain is important to your success. When you take a class or workshop, make sure you understand how to apply what you learn. Ask questions and get clarification so you understand precisely how you can use the information to help you in your daily life. When you have a better understanding you’ll be able to help others understand.

Gaining knowledge is pointless if you’re not properly using it. For example, for the law of attraction to work the law states the following: you think it, believe and feel it, and allow the universe to bring it to you the best way. This means you relinquish control about how you’ll receive your desire and when it will come to you. Many people cannot give up control and expect their desires to show up the way they want it. The law of attraction doesn’t work that way and you will not experience success.

How do you apply knowledge

After you read a book or take a class, don’t file the information away in a desk drawer. Application of knowledge takes practice and you must do it daily. For example, after you finish a class on the law of attraction, write out a list of what you desire. Create a vision board and journal your thoughts each night to purge negative thoughts. Look at your vision board(s) during the day and journal each night.

You apply knowledge by doing it! Whenever you take a class or workshop, do the work. Your life will not change if you don’t apply the knowledge you learn. Take baby steps if you feel overwhelmed. Don’t let the knowledge you gain sit around in your head and desk to collect dust — put it into action!