September 29, 2023

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Internet Fax – How To Receive Faxes Online

Internet Fax – How To Receive Faxes Online

One of the fastest growing technologies in our computer controlled world has to be Internet or online fax. This relatively new way of sending and receiving faxes via the web, has proven very popular with individuals and companies alike. While it has not yet entirely overtaken the conventional fax machine in the office, it is gaining ground.

The main reasons for this growing popularity has to do with ease of use and the complete portability of Internet fax. Any mobile device that’s connected to the web can be used as your fax machine, this includes cell phones, netbooks and laptops. Throw in the fact that online faxing is much more cheaper than conventional faxing and you have a winning formula for success.

How To Receive Faxes Online?

But in order to receive faxes online you have to first sign-up to an online service provider who will handle all your messages in return for a small monthly fee which usually runs on average around $8 to $10. There are many different providers to choose from and each one have slightly different plans, so it does pay to shop around and find the service which is perfectly matched to meet your needs.

Once you sign-up to an online provider you’re given your own local or toll-free fax number and an online account where you can log in to send and receive your faxes online. Your messages are sent as email attachments, usually in a Tiff or Pdf file. You can also store your messages online in your account, but check with your provider to find out how long you can keep them there.

Another reason why you should receive your faxes online or through the web, it can be much more secure, especially if your messages are encrypted. Also remember, this is a digital form of your messages so they can be securely stored on your computer, away from prying eyes. This also gives you easy access to all your faxes, no more searching through tons of papers to find the right message for that important client.

Also keep in mind, this new modern way of faxing is completely paperless so you will save money on the costs of papers, inks and toners. Plus, you don’t have to install a dedicated fax phone line since everything is handled through the web and your computer. In addition, you don’t have to buy a conventional fax machine so your start-up costs are very low. Actually, most online providers will offer you a Free 30 Day Trial so you can check out their services before you buy.

For all these reasons, receiving your faxes online has become extremely popular with the general public and especially with businesses just starting up. Anyone needing a fast secure way to send your messages which is completely mobile or portable, should definitely consider getting an Internet fax service. It is one option you must consider if you want your company or business to remain competitive in these harsh economic times. But it’s still your call.