September 20, 2023

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Inner Power: First Look Your Garden Before Looking Your Neighbor’s

Inner Power: First Look Your Garden Before Looking Your Neighbor’s

If you often catch yourself suffering angst attacks because of things that you perceive as looking better in your neighbor’s garden. Then, this message can have a thing or two for you.

This short but meaningful message… is a reflexion on something quite common in our lives. It’s about the thousand times that we start looking outside for things that are just in front of our eyes.

But, hidden under the veil of familiarity, complacency, or simply spiritual blindness. Hope this last thing about “spiritual blindness” does not sound SPOOKY.

The images in my mind that originated this message are just from the backyard garden. A true blossoming of God’s beauty just there to be seen and create joy. Let me tell you that when I noticed them in the garden it was something revealing and somehow motivated the article I’m sharing with you.

The same happens with many experiences and life episodes you have had in your life, that are quite valuable however remain somewhere unnoticed. Waiting to be shared to help or inspire others to advance in their journey. But, somewhere all those experiences remain buried and struggling to get out and serve better purposes.

Escaping from the home bookshelves where many books are waiting their turn to be read. Ready to expand your knowledge boundaries and cause the change and transformation that one day motivated the book’s writer heart.

A writer, that thinks he may improve and enrich your life and expand the limits of your poles tent. Contributing to his own vision and insights on the subjects dealt in the books. And it doesn’t end there. As there are so many other rabbit holes to heed.

What about the thousands of documents that are collecting dust in your hard drives, flash memories and so on. Plus the myriads of documents available on the web just waiting to be researched and their value be shared with the rest of the world.

The few examples given above, show us how dis-empowering can be to lose focus and go astray feeling disoriented and looking at our neighbors garden when our garden has many trees waiting to be prized by our attention and love.

Hope I’ve touched some strings that could help you unleash the motivation to take action on the transformation that you need to move from where you’re now to wherever you want to be.

The transformation that will take you and your loved ones to that dreamed place that until now has been elusive to you.

I’ll not sugar coat the pill but to a certain extent is not the fault of a lot of persons that like you are experiencing the same roller coaster.

So many roads to pick in order to go after your business dreams. No surprise, that you end up frustrated when trying to choose the fastest one. Press by the daily life pressures you select the shiny way. In full detriment of the principles and strategies that rule good solid businesses.

The insights you have gained up to here will give the secret weapon to create the roadmap that will guide you during your transformation journey. The transformation journey that up to now has been very elusive to you.