February 25, 2024

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How Music is an Important Part of Our Daily Life

How Music is an Important Part of Our Daily Life

Music is all around us even when we don’t realize it. Sound is a form of music. You are probably asking yourself, what is he talking about? Sound is music! Take an act like Stomp for example, they play music with anything they can get their hands on like garbage cans, brooms, plastic buckets, etc.  It may not sound that great if they just play one of these things, but if you combine all of these things together then you have something.  

Music also sets the mood in movies, and on television.  What I mean by this, is every time you watch TV, or a movie, what ever the scene is the music will reflect it.  For example if the scene is a happy scene they will play an upbeat song, if it is a sad scene they will play a sad song, and so forth.  They do this because they want you to feel the way the character feels in the movie, and you really do feel the way the character feels.  So you can see how music can trick the mind, and make you feel the way it wants you to feel.  That’s  why it’s important that you listen to songs that are enjoyable and not depressing, especially if you are feeling depressed to begin with.

Sound therapy has been around for a long time.  This therapy has been used by dentists and doctors offices all over the world.  It’s soft music that helps patients to relax, before and during a procedure.  Now they make sound therapy machines for the home, you can use them on your night stand to help you relax, so you can get some sleep.  These machine use things like ocean sounds, birds chirping, and all kinds of nature sounds, it’s a great way to reduce stress.

Something that has been around for a long time is music healing therapy, it has been studied for over 170 years now.  This therapy uses Binaural Beats, which is music that is set to certain frequencies one in each ear, to help relieve stress and anxiety.  This type of therapy uses soft music which incorporates nature sounds set to certain frequencies depending on what condition you suffer.  They have one for stress, anxiety, meditation, memory enhancer, weight loss, lucid dreams, addictions, and so on, it’s very relaxing.