April 25, 2024

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Give 10 Years of Your Life to Society

Give 10 Years of Your Life to Society


If you see the world map, from Alaska to Australia, there are societies which we call civilizations, which have evolved over a period of several centuries. Several religions have taken birth, certainly several centuries after the earth came into existence. This implies that human beings realized the presence of some supernatural power or some unknown source of power that is running this whole system and is managing everything.


Religion and has evolved at a stage where basic human necessities like food, clothing and shelter are fulfilled. Hence the social disturbances, particularly based on religion, may have started and are continuing since most of the people in these regions have no other thing to do. Hence it becomes the moral responsibility of the people not only living right now in that region, but all of us, irrespective of their backgrounds and other preoccupations, to spend as much time as may be required to restore normalcy or what we call a decent living for all the people of the region.

What Can We do?

Build public opinion by writing in local press and by creating awareness through all available means so that the people of all regions of the world realize the fact that change, if any, can be brought through voluntary involvement of the people involved and not by taking short cuts. As we all know, any change that is brought by force will not last long and if it is brought against the will be the people of the region, it will be short-lived.

Patience will ultimately pay. Let it take a lifetime, but change should be voluntary and long-lasting. Kings and Dictators will fall on their own because power can not give longevity and since we are immortals, we will be improving our skills birth after birth.


Any psychological or environmental change will take its own time and the best way to achieve it through perseverance and patience. If we look at the situation in Afghanistan, our breath becomes heavy since we cannot do anything. Reconstruction of such societies may take several decades mainly due to the harsh terrain and it becomes our responsibility to encourage NGOs and Governments taking initiative to take up the reconstruction work in such societies.

Society around us:

We all know that top ten per cent of the population and bottom ten per cent of the population (in terms of wealth) will never be inclined to spend quality time to the society around them. Of the remaining 80%, if we exempt very old people and children, we may have around 50% of the people will be available to be contacted. Experience shows that 1 or 2% of the available people will actually be willing to work for free.

We will be very fortunate, if there is some response to our appeals and few of them may express their willingness to give longer time to character building in the society around us, which is the real cause of all evil around us. Since most of us live away from our parents and grand parents, character building part of human life has been neglected, particularly in the last decade or so.

10 years to society:

This may sound absurd given the rat race we are all in. But it is a fact that all of us have to leave this body and take a new one somewhere else on this planet or may be in another solar system. If we are non-believers of reincarnation, then it is still simple. We have only one life and more than 60% of our active life is already over. What can we contribute to the society that has nourished us and when??