September 28, 2023

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Get Rich Knowledge By Listening: Business Strategy for Success

Get Rich Knowledge By Listening: Business Strategy for Success

My dear young generation friends,

You are going to hear a speech of an extraordinary nature. True. I am not boosting. The principles are some thing special, tested, proven real and coexistent naturally in our life and business.

Shut the ears:

I do not mind in asking you to shut your ears to the outside world for the time being. Be selective to hear only my voice. I assure you that I am going to teach you only the truth.

One hundred percent on business:

Be guaranteed. I am going to deliver 100 percent of a special knowledge in business and all about bringing success to the business.It is aimed to reach a success level of 100 percent!

Will you be willing to leave me now?

No.I know that you have determined to listen and get rich by harvesting the fruits of knowledge today.

I wish to teach you right now about the way of listening.

Ears are for hearing!

You know that ears hear all the sounds that emanate in the surrounding atmosphere. Ears do the job of hearing.

Monkeys’ advice:

You must have seen a picture of three monkeys; one is shutting its ears, another eyes and yet another its mouth.

This advices us not to hear, speak or see unpleasant things in life. But, eyes have eyelids and mouth has a pair of lips to close whenever you prefer not to see or talk.

Nevertheless, ears have no ear lids; you cannot close it as other organs do!

Keep eyes open and sleep:

Your ears are always wide open. However, in a classroom you practice not to hear. You know how to sleep, when your eyes are still open! It is a fun.

Alternatively, this brings an idea to make your organs listen seriously.This should be possible when you receive ideas worth million dollars!

How to listen:

An example from the nature teaches us about the way of listening!

Just visualize as follows:

It has started drizzling and turned into a rain.

Rock and roll:

Water particles drop on a rocky place. Water just starts rolling on the rock. Rock will not absorb water and so, the precious rainwater goes as run off!

Deep and deeper:

The rain falls on a sandy soil or in the desert; water goes fast down inside the sand.There is no water on the surface of the sand, when the Sun shines!

Water stagnates:

Water drops fall on a clay soil; it gets absorbed; It is taken in until sometime when a colloidal net of clay particles disallow the percolation. Yes. Water starts stagnating on the clay net.

Cultured soil absorbs:

Now, the same rainwater falls on a surface having red and sandy loam soil. The soil is enriched with clay and organic wastes. Further, the land is tilled a few times and mulched well with decomposed leaves. The rainwater is absorbed slowly into the soil and retained within the organic wastes.


i) We have seen that water is not at all absorbed in one case; this has become useless.
ii) In another, water gets into it fully and not available for the seed or plant.
iii) Water stagnation prolongs on the clay soil and this may affect the growth of seed or the seedling.

Good culture is to get rich knowledge:

Finally, the well-cultured soil with water allows the seed to germinate and seedling to grow into a plant. You will agree that this plant will turn into a young tree and will start yielding fruits. It is not just because of water. It is because of the water turning into a highly nutritive solution drawn from the components of the soil.

Likewise, I have made you well cultured by projecting the true value of my speech. Rather, I wished to enlighten the importance of my ‘subject matter’ and the way you should listen.You are going to experience a rain of knowledge. Now, you will not allow the speech to go un-absorbed, drained or stagnated after some time!

Please get ready to listen now!

Soon, you will get rich knowledge!

Note: The idea of this article is to make the audience to listen to the speaker.