February 29, 2024

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Get Higher Credit Scores by Enjoying Your Daily Routine

Get Higher Credit Scores by Enjoying Your Daily Routine

As we look for ways to raise our credit scores, one thing that becomes clear is that a certain discipline is necessary to do it. FICO scores are tabulated based upon our behavior as well as the way we value business relationships we’ve entered into an agreement with. We become disconnected when we can’t relate how those business relationships effect our everyday living, or how our everyday living can create a benefit from those business relationships.

Here are some easy tips to use to raise your credit scores without having to make a big fuss about it:

1. Use your credit card to make purchases like gas, lunch, getting your hair and nails done, or other small purchases that you have the cash to pay for right away.

Never use your credit card for purchases you can’t afford. This says that you are dependent upon borrowed money because you don’t have any other income resource – it looks really bad on you!

2. Pay your credit card bill weekly instead of monthly.

Actions like these prove to the credit card company that you are not misusing your borrowed funds, and more importantly, you understand what your card is supposed to be used for.

3. Don’t keep more than 3 credit cards.

They become difficult to keep up with and require you to pay money on them each month that could be going towards a better purpose than fees and compounded interest. The reality is that you can do with one or two cards what you couldn’t do with 15, so care for those cards very well and you will receive all of the benefits you are looking for.

This routine will raise your credit scores by 100 points or better in 3 – 4 months. Do this every 4 months and you will be enjoying credit scores in the 750 – 800 range in no time!