September 26, 2023

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Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt

Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt

from the confirmed-replies dept

This week, both of those our prime comments on the insightful side occur from our put up about supporting Elon Musk speed run the material moderation studying curve. In 1st spot, it is Christenson responding to a “suggestion” that seriously seems to be a criticism about Techdirt’s own comment voting system:

You are heading to have to incorporate some kind of a modifier for the standing of each voter, or else Koby and Chozen and his a*shole friends place 100s of downvotes on oddball’s innocuous or very good write-up mainly because s/he’s an oddball. Which is occurred to people today on Twitter.

Slashdot labored as extensive as the audience was largely specialized and voting in fantastic religion, but broke down in the existence of trolls. Very same as points like network news groups from back again in the working day.

In 2nd area, it’s an nameless reply to a comment listing some supposed illustrations of Twitter censorship:

Permitting mentioned previous president do what ever the fuck he would like until eventually he became a huge criminal liability is not censorship, it’s simple business enterprise perception.

Kicking the white supremacist views of the Babylon Bee off the platform isn’t censorship, either. The proprietors and slush fund payers of the Babylon Bee are cost-free to call for the deaths of Democrats on their have internet site, assuming they like being monitored by the FBI. Also, their satire is not satire, but thinly-veiled insults and threats. I recognize that satire is tricky to pull off, but hatchet work opportunities are not it.

Moderation is not censorship, yes. Censorship requires a lot of points, like SLAPPing critics into silence, arresting critics, denying funding to exploration that does not match with the state’s narratove, observing the teachers, blocking web-sites that reveal not so wonderful sides of the point out narrative…

Private companies have not long gone to the whole extent they are able of however. Such as employing people to murder rivals and critics.

For editor’s preference on the insightful facet, we start off out with a person far more anonymous remark on that post, this time replying to a remark asking why we believe Musk doesn’t know anything about content material moderation:

I imply, there was the time he reported he’d only block unlawful stuff, like spam (which is primarily authorized). That was form of a gargantuan neon indicator of a idea-off right there.

Or is your argument that, since Musk has put in billions on aerospace, cars, and energy, that in some way certainly suggests he appreciates the initial matter about information moderation? ‘Cause I loathe to tell you this, but it does not.

Up coming, it is a remark from Anonymous Hero on our article debunking the Intercept’s bogus story about authorities policing of disinformation, responding to the assertion that the duration of our response signifies the story was really superior:

You’re evidently unfamiliar with Brandolini’s Law: “The amount of electrical power wanted to refute bullshit is an buy of magnitude greater than the sum demanded to develop it.”

Around on the humorous facet, our top two winners are as soon as all over again from the publish about pace operating material moderation. In first place, it is Michael Barclay noting the amount of measures we outlined:

Dante only had **9** circles of hell

Congratulations, you far more than doubled Dante’s 9 circles of hell.

In 2nd location, it’s That A person Man with some evergreen copypasta that has received prior to, and will absolutely gain yet again:

Conservative: I have been censored for my conservative sights
Me: Holy shit! You had been censored for seeking reduced taxes?
Con: LOL no…no not those sights
Me: So…deregulation?
Con: Haha no not those people views both
Me: Which views, precisely?
Con: Oh, you know the ones

(All credit rating to Twitter person @ndrew_lawrence.)

For editor’s alternative on the funny side, we start out with a comment from Flakbait on our submit about cancel lifestyle worry and the idea of “self-censorship”:

Not heading there

I was heading to make a remark about this write-up, but I won’t for the reason that I’m frightened of the backlash I’ll get.

Ultimately, it’s a person final nameless remark placing an addendum on the a lot of actions of the written content moderation pace operate:

Go to Degree 1. Do not move go. Do not obtain 44 billion dollars.

That is all for this week, people!