February 25, 2024

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Functional Occult Knowledge Part 8 – Divine Blueprints

Functional Occult Knowledge Part 8 – Divine Blueprints

When you study the ancient writings you run across many warnings and threats about what will happen to you if you do this or that “wrong” thing.

How can we justify these warnings, in light of the Laws of Quantum Physics and the infinite ocean of thinking energy called the Quantum Ocean.

The answer is in the statement “thinking energy!” The Quantum Ocean is an infinite ocean of thinking substance and it has the final choice over what man does.”

Within the Quantum Ocean there are many divine blueprints for physical manifestation. There is the divine blue print for corn in the ground, the energy released from the soil, combined with the energy of the soil, water and sunlight calls out the divine blueprint for corn out of the Quantum Ocean. The seed of corn then breaks open the soil covering it and follows the Etheric blueprint and grows into an ear of corn. There is no way it can by pass this Etheric blueprint for corn and become say a “rose.” A rose pulls out of the Quantum Ocean an Etheric blueprint and follows it’s outcome —- to become a rose.

There is a divine blueprint for man in the Quantum Ocean. When men and women create the seed of birth for a child, the Divine Etheric blueprint of a human child is pulled out of the Quantum Ocean and the child forms and grows. It will not have tusks like and elephant, nor claws like a tiger. If there is no damage to the energy structure (permanent atom) of either the mother or father the child will grow normally.

The third factor that may cause a birth problem is the energy structure of the soul who is waiting to take residency in the new body.

Now even though there are divine blueprints for man within the Quantum Ocean it takes energy to pull it out into the physical world and use it.

All is energy! If a man or a women lives the type of life that constantly depletes their energy and life force, when they “blink” back into the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) they will not have sufficient energy to attract or fulfill the divine Etheric Blueprint of a human.

They may only have enough energy to attract another form. Or not even enough to continue existence in the Quantum Ocean and dissolve back into the pool of thinking substance.

This Thinking substance of the Quantum Ocean will allow man to freely co-create but it will not allow him to defy the laws of Energy.

Some of the warnings in the ancient texts:

Men by their materialistic and sexual acts can fall to lower and lower planes of existence. Finally annihilation. They can lose their sous and exist no more. From nothingness there is NO return.

Seek spiritual wisdom. Freedom for hypocrisy, injury to others, sense attachment, pride and vain glory.

When you die you go to the house of your ruling passion. Be passionate about Wisdom and Truth. Each man goes to that which he worships.

If you worship shadow Gods, you go to to shadow worlds.