April 25, 2024

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Developing Christ Consciousness – How to Tap Into Higher Consciousness in Your Daily Life

Developing Christ Consciousness – How to Tap Into Higher Consciousness in Your Daily Life

Are you inspired by the great qualities such as love, compassion, peace and forgiveness that were embodied by Jesus and other great spiritual masters? Would you like to bring more of these into your own life, and be part of the general evolution of human consciousness that is taking place right now?

Many people are doing this, and you can too. Let’s take a look at Christ Consciousness and how each of us can develop it within ourselves.

What Is Christ Consciousness?

First of all, Christ Consciousness isn’t only for Christians, although Jesus was an excellent example of a person who fully embodied it (as was Buddha and other great spiritual leaders).

The term is used to refer to those qualities associated with what many see as the divine mind – that higher state of consciousness that includes attributes such as peace, truth, kindness, love and a general feeling of benevolence towards others.

Many people believe that as a species, humanity is evolving towards a higher state of consciousness where these qualities will become the norm.

The Challenges Of Developing Christ Consciousness

You can practice developing this higher state in your daily life, by being aware of your reactions and thoughts, and seeking to replace them if necessary.

For example, you can deliberately choose not to judge another who behaves in a way you dislike. You can also forgive yourself and others for perceived faults, and try to keep a general sense of positivity and love towards life and other people.

This of course can be easier said than done, considering all the challenges that we’re exposed to on a daily basis. And nobody is going to be 100% positive and loving all the time, so don’t beat yourself up because you’re not. But all the same, it’s good to be aware of your ‘default’ reactions, and to seek to treat yourself and others in a more loving way. This worthy goal is made easier with the help of brainwave entrainment.

What Is Brainwave Entrainment And How Does It Help?

Brainwave entrainment is the process of exposing the brain to a stimulus such as pulses of sound of a certain frequency. The brain has a natural tendency to match (or ‘entrain’ to) frequencies that are similar to its natural range. For example, if you listen to a recording featuring frequencies in the alpha range (8 – 12 Hz), your brain will begin to produce brain waves that predominantly fall into this range.

There are three types of sound-based brainwave entrainment recordings: binaural beats, monaural beats and isochronic tones. They work a bit differently, but all have a similar effect (although some people prefer isochronics, since they seem to work more efficiently).

So, how does this help with developing Christ Consciousness?

Well, this state of being has been found to involve the production of brainwaves in the high beta range (beta brainwaves fall in the 13 – 25 Hz range). So by listening to a brainwave entrainment recording that is designed to trigger these frequencies in the brain, it becomes easier to access the exalted feelings you’re seeking.

And with practice, you’ll be able to access a state of Christ Consciousness more easily even without the recording!