September 29, 2023

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Daily Stress Management Tips and Techniques

Daily Stress Management Tips and Techniques

It may seem to you that there is nothing that can be done to deal with stress for the phone bills are always going to be high, the family is always going to be demanding, your boss is always going to irritate you. But it is important to understand that as an individual you have lot more control than you actually think you do. The basic foundation of dealing with stress is the realization that you as an individual have a total control of your life and that things happen only because you want them to happen.

The best way to deal with stress is to take control of your career, family and life in general. All you need to do is guide your emotions, thoughts, schedule, etc towards positivity and see the difference in your life. Like everybody else, I am sure all you need is a balanced life with enough time and space for relationships, work, leisure, relaxations, etc. what you also need to develop or strengthen within you is the capacity to go on under pressure and face the challenges face on.

The next important thing to do is to identify stress in your daily life. This may sound easy but in fact is quite difficult to gauge. It is highly possible that your stress inducing sources are ones that you have overlooked and are not necessarily the obvious ones. For example, it is highly possible that you may be attributing your stress to rather strict work deadlines, etc. However, it might be possible that the actual source of stress is your own procrastination and not the demands of your job. Thus it is vital that we identify the sources of our stress by asking ourselves a few questions, answers to which can be found through closely observing our habits and perceptions. It might be possible that you have already accepted stress as an integral part of your routine life. People sometimes tend to invite stress by over indulging in activities and then putting the blame on deadlines. Besides sometimes it is good to put the blame on outside events rather than blame yourself. Stress is often because of normal yet unexceptional circumstances and if this is accepted well, it might actually not result into stress.

One good idea to relieve you of stress is to write a stress journal on a daily basis. This kind of a journal will help you identify the real stressors in life and find out ways to avoid or deal with them.