September 25, 2023

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Common Router Queries Solved By Router Tech Support

Common Router Queries Solved By Router Tech Support

With the advent of wireless technology, users have become dependent upon the wireless internet. However, certain issues are quite common, which irritates customers, as it stops them from doing their work properly. Here are some of the most common router issues that are properly answered by the experts of Router Tech Support Services.

Unable To Connect To The Internet

There can be various reasons due to which your router is unable to connect your system to the internet. However, some basic troubleshooting steps might help to resolve this problem.

• Check that your router is configured for DHCP function, as other functions might be conflicting with your IP.
• Also, check that no electrical device is interfering with your router. Therefore, keep alarms, microwave ovens etc at a distance from your router.
• Power cycle your router by unplugging and then plugging all the wires connected to the router for few seconds.

Unable To Open Router Ports

Some functions like IP webcam, FTP server etc request you open ports. A process called Port Forwarding, which involves the below mentioned steps:

• Check which ports you want to open for a particular application.
• Open your router’s configuration page by typing the default IP address for your particular router brand. Login by typing the correct username and password.
• Search for a Port Forwarding button. Enter the application name. Also, type the Start Port and End Port number. Make sure you write the correct number.
• Select TCP as protocol, click on OK.

Unable To Extend The Wireless Range

A router provides the wireless signals for a particular range. If you want to improve the wireless signal, make sure that there are no obstructions between the router’s antennae and your wireless device. If you want to extend its range further, you need to setup a range extender. There is a huge range of wireless extenders available in the market and you can choose the best one. Router Tech Support will be able to inform you better about the best range extender for your wireless network.

Unable to connect your devices to wireless internet connection automatically
Set your wireless notebook or laptop settings and connect them with your wireless network automatically. Take help from a reliable router tech support company or follow these instructions:

• Go to the Network Connections by opening the Control Panel from the Start Menu.
• Right Click on the Current Wireless Network. Go to properties and then to Wireless Network. Proceed to Advanced.
• Turn on the option “Any available network.”
• Put a check on the option “Automatically connect to non-preferred networks.”

Unable to share files on network

Set up a group and add the computer to which you want to transfer the files. Now, enable File Sharing option by these methods:

• Right click on the file(s) that you want to share on the network.
• Choose Sharing and Security and go to Sharing.
• Check the boxes “Allow network users to change my files” and “Share this folder on a network.”
• Save the settings and click on OK.