October 3, 2023

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Billionaire Bill Bartmann’s Success Secrets – Think Big!

Billionaire Bill Bartmann’s Success Secrets – Think Big!

Billionaire Bill Bartmann is one man who certainly knows how to think big. His ability to think and execute big and audacious goals is certainly one of the secrets to the mega success he has achieved.

“You’ve really got to think BIG. You can’t think normal. You can’t think regular because if you do that’s exactly what you’re going to get – normal and average and regular. So you really need to get way outside the box and think bigger than you’ve ever thought before.”

Yet many people fail to succeed in life because they don’t think big enough. There’s a school of thought that the goals you set in life should be realistic but what is realistic?

Some of the synonyms for realistic are:

~ Sensible
~ Practical
~ Level-headed
~ Down-to-earth
~ Reasonable
~ Rational

Hmm. Interesting.

Take a look at anyone who has ever achieved anything extraordinary in their life and you’ll generally find that none of these synonyms apply. Bill Bartmann became a billionaire through buying bad loans. When he started this endeavour he was going through bankruptcy and owed more than a million dollars.

Would any rational or reasonable person consider starting a debt collection agency when they themselves were deep in debt? The idea sounds preposterous. Yet Bartmann saw a huge opportunity and was willing to capitalise on it.

However, it’s important to note that while Bartmann recognised the financial opportunity, he didn’t go into this business thinking he was going to become a millionaire far less a billionaire. Instead, he was motivated by the opportunity to revolutionize the debt collection industry – that was Bartmann’s big idea.

“We didn’t do it to make money. We did it to change the [debt] collection in America. We were tired of getting beat up on by people we owed [money] to.”

It’s tough when people get into financial difficulties. People’s self-esteem often takes a huge dent and the way many debt collection agencies operated back in the 80s literally destroyed what little self-esteem some folk had. Bartmann understood that collecting debt from an individual in a more dignified and respectful manner could actually help an individual to bounce back faster from adversity.

As Mark Victor Hansen, “America’s Ambassador of Possibility”, points out,

Your self-worth is not equal to your net-worth.”

Mark Victor Hansen is also someone who has experienced bankruptcy. However, today he too is a phenomenally successful individual who is inspiring millions of people from all walks of life and showing them how they can expand their vision, think big and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

You may be facing enormous challenges in your life right now. Yet within that very challenge lies an enormous opportunity. What Bartmann experienced as a result of going bankrupt was devastating but he admits:

“I had to go broke to get rich.”

Had he not been broke he would not have seen debt collecting as a business prospect. He knew he had to do something pretty daring to dig himself out of a $1 million dollar deep hole. He focused on possible solutions rather than the problem itself. Unfortunately, when most people experience difficulties they focus on the problem instead of the solution.

Whatever goal you are striving towards at this point in time, the chances are that it is too small and that it’s not motivating you enough. The chances are that because it’s so small if you don’t achieve your goal you don’t stand to lose much.

It’s no big deal.

However, if you stretch yourself and are willing to push the boundaries of your comfort zone you’ll start setting goals that are far more worthy of you. And the pain of not achieving such goals will be such that you’ll do everything in your power to turn your dream into your new reality.

Remember – thoughts become things. It’s no harder to think of small ideas than it is to think big ideas so why not think big?