September 25, 2023

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Bill Gates is Not a Man to Be Resented, He is to Be Applauded!

Bill Gates is Not a Man to Be Resented, He is to Be Applauded!

One of the most hated men in America, and in fact the world, is Bill Gates. Do you hate him too?

You shouldn’t. Bill Gates is one of the most generous men in the world. His foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, donates over 1.5 billion dollars a year to charitable causes. Take a moment and think about that number, it’s astounding!

Bill Gates has recently retired from Microsoft in order to devote more time to running the foundation and to devote his life to philanthropic work, but some people still think he’s an asshole. Or, more accurately, unsuccessful people with negative attitudes think so.

Is Microsoft perfect? Hell no. But they are far less evil than a certain search engine with a candy coloured logo.

So all in all I respect Microsoft and respect Bill gates, and applaud his success and what he has done with it. I see him as a shining example of what one can create from nothing.

Here’s the cold, hard, honest truth. You have to be a taker before you can be a giver, otherwise you have nothing to give. There is no virtue in remaining small so as not to appear greedy. Bill Gates knew this, and he built himself up into someone truly capable of making a difference in the world. If you are sitting around complaining about how much money he has, what difference are you making in people’s lives?

Meanwhile Bill Gates is contributing to AIDS research, reducing world hunger, and all in all being an outstanding citzen of the world.

If you resent the success of others, you will only deprive yourself. If your belief is that successful, rich people are greedy and evil and selfish, and you feel that you are a good person, then how will you ever be able to become wealthy and still feel that you are a good person?

The next time you notice yourself have negative feelings towards someone who is more successful than you (and this can be anyone from Donald Trump to your next door neighbour), why not stop as ask yourself why?