March 2, 2024

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Best internet promotions of June 2021

It varies based on where you live, but most of us have at least a couple of options for home internet service. Shop around, and there’s a good chance you’ll find cheap internet offers, plans with unlimited data, contract-free service and other common selling points aimed at earning your business.

ISPs know that short-lived promo pricing and favorable service terms aren’t always enough to get you to switch, because virtually all of the best internet providers offer those sorts of basic incentives. That’s why you’ll often see ISPs throwing additional promo offers into the mix. Whether it’s a rewards card, a free gadget, a free subscription to a premium service or some other tempting extra, the aim is always to sweeten the deal and tempt you into signing up.

So, which of these promos are most worth it? Glad you asked — keep reading for our top internet promo picks for the month of June.

What’s the best internet promo near you?

Currently, Altice brands Optimum and Suddenlink are offering the highest rewards card amount at $200, but AT&T, Frontier and Xfinity are also giving away Visa Rewards Cards for a limited time with select plans. Other providers are sweetening the deal with freebies, like the free year subscription to Amazon Prime you get with Verizon Fios or RCN’s two months of free service for new customers in NYC.

Of course, the specific deals available to you will depend on which providers are available in your area:

Top internet promos for June 2021

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How to get it: Order any AT&T Fiber plan online. This offer is only available to new AT&T internet customers and must be redeemed within 75 days of reward notification.

It seems like AT&T always has some sort of rewards card offer going on, so the current $150 Visa Reward Card doesn’t really stand out from previous offers. Sometimes it’s $100, other times it’s $200 or possibly $300 when you sign up for a bundle package. That said, an extra $150 is certainly nice to have, and it’s a bit more than you’ll get from most providers right now.

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Frontier Communications

How to get it: Sign up online for FiberOptic Gig Service. 

While AT&T’s rewards card offer is the same across all fiber plans, Frontier’s offer varies by plan. To get the max reward amount, $100, you’ll have to sign up for Frontier’s most expensive plan, Gig Service. Even though it’s the most expensive plan, it’s a fairly good deal on its own, with download speeds of up to 940Mbps for $80 per month. On top of that, the equipment costs are included in the price. 

If you don’t need gigabit speed, Frontier FiberOptic 500/500 comes with a $50 rewards card, but the 50/50 plan does not. Frontier DSL also does not have any rewards cards or special offers available at this time.

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How to get it: Qualifying customers in New York City will be credited for two months of service at the standard rate within the first six billing cycles.

RCN is the only major provider to incentivize new customers with free service, but it’s unfortunately only available in the NYC area. 

Residents of other RCN service areas — Boston, Chicago, DC, Philadelphia and the Lehigh Valley area — can still take advantage of RCN service perks such as free installation and unlimited data, but there is currently no free service offer available.

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How to get it: Sign up online for any Optimum or Suddenlink internet plan and keep your account in good standing for 90 days.

Optimum and Suddenlink are basically the same service, just different brands under the Altice umbrella. As a result, the two providers often run similar promotions, like the $200 Visa Prepaid Card offer.

Optimum also has the best gigabit deal of any major provider right now, with speeds up to 940Mbps starting at $45 per month. Suddenlink’s isn’t far behind with the same max speeds available at $50 per month.

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How to get it: Sign up for Verizon Fios Gigabit Connection. 

While other providers offer rewards cards of varying denominations, Verizon always keeps things interesting with free service subscriptions and/or devices. Currently, new Verizon Fios customers can get 12 months of Amazon Prime plus a fourth-gen Echo Dot when they sign up for gig service. Verizon Fios Gigabit Connection also comes with free equipment rental.

The Amazon Prime subscription is only available with Verizon’s gigabit plan, but you can still get the Echo Dot as well as a free Blink Mini security camera with the Fios 400Mbps plan. If you opt for the lowest-priced Fios plan, you’ll get a good deal on 200Mbps starting at $40 per month, but no devices or service subscriptions are included.

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How to get it: Sign up for the Xfinity Gigabit plan.

Upgrading to a faster (and more expensive) plan isn’t always worth the added cost, especially if it’s more speed than you need, but Xfinity encourages you to take a second look at those faster plans with its rewards cards. Xfinity’s three fastest plans — excluding Gigabit Pro, because who wants to pay $300 for internet? — all come with a Visa Prepaid Card. Order Blast and get a $50 card, Extreme Pro Plus for a $100 card or Gigabit for the grand prize of $150.

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What other special offers are available for home internet?

Kinetic by Windstream is currently offering a $100 rewards card to customers who order over the phone in select areas. Other than that, there isn’t much worth writing home about. Sure, some providers have lower introductory pricing or free install offers, but that’s so common among ISPs now that they could hardly be considered “promos.”

That’s not to say that other special offers aren’t available, they’re just not as heavily advertised or may not be available to all customers. When signing up for a new internet service, ask the provider what else they can throw in for you. Or call your current provider and ask what they can do to keep your business. It may get you nothing, but it may get you a lower rate, free equipment or something else that wasn’t advertised online. Hey, you never know, and it never hurts to ask.