April 25, 2024

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Bass Fishing – The Greater The Knowledge The Bigger The Fish

Bass Fishing – The Greater The Knowledge The Bigger The Fish

Why is it so important to have a vast knowledge in your head about bass fishing? That’s easy, to catch more and bigger bass!

Does it seem like you are catching fewer fish on every trip, do you ever wonder if the bait you are using is really enticing or could it be that your choice of locations to catch the big boy be the wrong?

If just starting out in the fun of bass fishing then it is important that you fully understand Which bait to use, finding the best locations for bass fishing. The more extensive your knowledge is, the more and the bigger the fish you will catch.

Bass Fishing is pursued by anglers who claim a certain sense of satisfaction when the bass start to bite. To become successful in your venture of bass fishing you need to take these two things into consideration, the understanding of locating bass and to learn as much as you can about different fishing techniques, bait presentations, and the right baits at the right time and place. You can easily find ALL of this information on the internet. You can also collect a lot of knowledge from other anglers who are more familiar with the sport and a lot of them write posts in several forums.

Knowing how to read a lake map can also be beneficial in locating where to find bass, the most practical times to search for lively Bass is just before and just after cold fronts and early spring. Weather conditions can either help or hinder you bass fishing endeavor. Being familiar with the waters you are fishing in can be a big advantage in locating the best places to target your casts. Water depths and temperatures are also vital elements that you need to be aware of since the depth or hollowness of the water can indicate if this area is where the bass are hanging out.

A knowledgeable bass angler doesn’t just jump in his/her boat and cast bait. They have learned to take everything into consideration when deciding on their locations, baits and techniques. This is why fishing tournaments are so competitive, popular and fulfilling to each and every angler who have taken part.

The sport of bass fishing entails a lot of acquired knowledge. Lake maps,for example, you ask what they are, well there are basically two types of lake maps; most anglers refer one type as a Hot Spot map and the other type is known as a Topographical map, aka Topo map. Topo maps outline the body of water in greater detail where as the Hot Spot maps display the best fishing locations.

Vegetation areas, Irregular contours, Shallow water close to deep water areas, and Points and point drops are some of the main things to look for when it comes to locating bass on any body of water. This is where knowing how to read lake maps is beneficial, especially if you are in waters that you are not familiar with.

To help you in increasing your ventures in fishing, you need to learn to think like the fish. I know sounds crazy, but what I am saying is that you have to stay away from areas where jet skis, kiddies paddling or playful dogs are at when fishing for bass. Think about it, If you were a fish would you hang around around places that this stuff was going on? Of course not!

Without any knowledge, you might get lucky and catch a bass or two by simply casting any bait, anywhere, at any time. “Pure Luck”!

With some knowledge you will know when to use a bait, where to cast it, how to present it, turning luck into skill.

I hope this helped you understand that the more knowledge you acquire the more successful you will become in the sport of bass fishing.