February 25, 2024

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Basic Knowledge About Nike Shoes

Basic Knowledge About Nike Shoes

For those who fall in love with Nike shoes, the following tips would be useful for you.

SB: abbreviation of skateboard, the representative shoes is Nike DUNK SB.

AP: Asian plank shoes, specially customized style for the Asian.

LE: limited edition.

ND: new design, introducing new elements into the original design (mostly refers to use the new materials, such as patent leather, mesh fabric, anti-skin……)

TB: team bulk, on behalf of athlete edition to match the uniform color.

NU: inspired by the original air Jordan shoes when Jordan brand was re-carving shoes, like Nu retro.

RETRO: re-carved style, air Jordan was one of the most re-carved shoes.

FL: special color edition of footlocker

FNL: special color edition of finish line
B: back, an additional edition with a color which did not intend to release, but came out at last, sometimes, it is marked with B. Sample: as the word goes, it is a sample of certain pair of Nike shoes and reference as well. And only for internal use, to some extent, it is LE.

SC: sports classic, it refers to the re-launched issue of classical shoes.
Prototype: trial version of shoes: means a very small amount of production only for individuals or organizations and will not offer for sale. Picture sample: sample shoes mainly for taking photos.

TB: team basketball: designed especially for the team.

Air Force 1: this is the so-called AF1, just as the name implies this is certainly a kind of shoes containing air principles.

AIR MAX: to adapt to the tastes of changing market, Nike released AIR MAX series with transparent external air cushion which booms the purchasing of Nike AIR MAX shoes.

ACG: all conditions gear, in order to obtain a bigger space in the growing outdoor sports market, Nike once again introduced a kind of shoes applied with a warm and waterproof outer fabric, and this is ACG.

FREE: a newly released type, take full advantages of the advanced technology to bring consumer a more flexible and comfortable feeling as well as experience.