February 25, 2024

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Authors Life Time Of knowledge

Authors Life Time Of knowledge

I have been through all that I have talked about in these articles in the hopes to bring about changes that brings a more balanced life for our people. I have been through the mill when it comes to life. I have gone days without eating when I was young. Your belly growls from the need for food. I felt so weak that I could hardly stand up from the lack of food. I had cold sweats and almost passed out from not eating. Hunger is some thing that no child should feel. Want to really know what hunger feels like go a day or two without any food then I believe more people will understand the need for better government to work for all people. People who have never been poor take the time to really see what it feels like to be poor.

Wearing use clothes that make you stick out in public schools Kids call you pig and worse because I had to always wear the same clothes over and over again to school. Kids have way of making poor kids feel like dirt. If people really want to find out send your rich and middle class kids to a mostly black school in old clothes for a few days and see what their reaction will be like. I just got so sick and tired of being called filthy white names that I have not been back to school since the sixth grade. Send your hungry kids to school with a spaghetti sandwich. This is what being really poor all about.

I spent my early teenage years running the streets and drinking and trying as many drugs as possible. I was hardly ever home at times. I have lived in drug houses where the only thing that is important is how high can a person get. I was lucky I was able to survive these years some of the kids I knew were not as lucky. Think this is not the truth take the time to walk through any poor neighbor hood. There people will find drugs and street gangs kids that were thrown away by their parents. Young girls that are made into hooker because they can not write or spell let alone hold a job.

I mean really see the hopeless life and death that goes on in daily life then come and tell me this country does not need real change. These older gang leaders only get control of these children because some parent has thrown their own flesh and blood in the trash. This is the daily reality of every day life in the poor parts of life.

Try thinking how this would feel if this was your child and then tell me this country does not need real change. Then when I went to work I had to work so many hours just to eat and stay clothed. I think about all the times I went to some job with injuries that would keep most people home from work. One time I was hit in the back of my legs by some kid in a car I felt like someone had cut my legs off. I could not afford the proper medical care so I went to work with the pain. I have done this over and over again in my life. Now tell me there is not real change needed in our country. This is how a poor person lives with out the proper medical care.

Think about how you would deal with a daily life like this.Then tell me there is no need for national health care plan to cover poor people I have live with this daily stress for years. Wondering when am I going to get sick and have no way to pay for the proper medical care. So much change is needed in our country to stop the growth of people who are going to have to live like this. I could solve all these problems with just the waste of money that goes on in our government

Change has to be part of our next elections or this problem will be part of more peoples lives. I have watched these problems get worse for thirty years. The population of the poor is growing every year our country people and our government have to commit to changing this growing problem.

Any person who tries to believe that these problems are not real take the time to get out and see for yourself and then say it is not my problem. Remember this may be your family if we do not work together to change this growing problem.

As always I write with respect.