September 28, 2023

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American Cancer Society Prostate Cancer – How They Can Help You? – Part 2

American Cancer Society Prostate Cancer – How They Can Help You? – Part 2

Like is said in the first part of this article, you can get a lot of help from the American Cancer Society when it comes to any type of cancer, including prostate cancer. The second part of this article throws more light on this society and how it’s helping victims of this and other types of cancers. Whether you just want to learn about the condition or get help, this society can help you.

Nerve sparring and the possibility of using grafts to correct nerve damage during surgery is one experimental protocol in study; improvements on radiation therapy such as intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and proton therapy are also being looked at, towards treating just the cancer without harming other cells and tissues in the body. The American Cancer Society helps out in all of these.

Also, newer treatments for early prostate and other types of cancers are in the works, such as high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), which destroys cancer cells by heating them with highly focused ultrasonic beams; and cryosurgery, which destroys the cancer cells by freezing them. The American Cancer Society also helps out in all of these.

One other active area of the America Cancer Society Prostate cancer research is considering how nutrition as well as lifestyle changes may help treat or prevent the disease. One recent study, for instance, found that pomegranate juice helped to lower rising PSA after surgery or radiation therapy in men treated for the condition; while another one is exploring how flaxseed supplements tend to slow the rate at which prostate cancer cells multiply.

Basically, the main challenge with research is the constant need for more research to confirm findings, and as mentioned earlier, this takes time. However, if that time can save the thousands of men that continue to die from prostate cancer every year, and the thousands more that have to live with impotence or incontinence as a result of treatment side effects, then by all means the American Cancer Society should keep on with the work they do.

Learn about the many Prostate Cancer Treatments that can help you. Even though we can’t guarantee 100% that adhering to the all the tips on preventing prostate cancer will do the trick all the time, we are 100% sure that the odds WILL be in more in our favor in preventing the condition, if we adhere to the right tips than if we don’t.