April 25, 2024

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Aim at Your Desired Market or Target - Adjust Your Trajectory, Eliminate Distractions and Detractors

Aim at Your Desired Market or Target – Adjust Your Trajectory, Eliminate Distractions and Detractors

Aim at your target-Adjust your trajectory-Eliminate distractions by avowing your positive thoughts to dominate your daily act and views. Follow your bliss and give yourself a kiss for all of your amazing feats and outstanding energy and effort!

*Stay the course of your destiny, many times we can get off course of what we had placed in motion for realizing a goal. Be wary of your efforts while experiencing events that unfold along the course of situations that happen during your day. Then weeks turn into months and we lose sight of what and where we want out to achieve in the time that we are prosperously and productively alive. Daily deeds reap and actually feed your desires and intentions almost immediately. Make a conscious decision that this year that you are going to aim at a specific target or market, adjust the trajectory of your destiny, as needed. Remember, there will be distractions along your path to reaching your goals. It is your job to eliminate your diversions. Whether you are faced with detractors that have a tendency to want to influence your thinking, or to downplay your efforts, or distractions in your periphery. Listen to your own inner voice and only to your own words of wisdom, let your own wisdom be your only influence in your decision-making outcomes.

*Learning to be your own biggest influence is key to autonomy that eventually leads you to realize your life destiny Yes, I said it! The more you rely on your own influence and way of doing things, the more the effort, the more the reward will truly be yours and yours alone! As a person who loves and lives to write, I alone realize that nobody really wants for me to succeed more than me. AND, I am okay with that. People who really want the best for us will come around, when we send the energy into the universe of self-love, and self-awareness. The Universe will assuredly reflect the same type of people and energy back to us that we project to it. Doing something of benefit along the path to reaching your dreams and desires can bring about new or astounding discovery!

All it takes is doing something new or different to get your mind, emotions, energy and psyche MORE energized, expectantly awaiting more new things to happen in anticipation and excitement! Begin something new today! If you add just one new habit, mantra, or action to your daily life, you get that much closer to reaching your desires than what you did or hadn’t done the week before. You may discover, or even uncover talents that you had not realized before.

Do you have a passion for botany that you find intriguing? Or perhaps bicycling really gets your muscles and energy happy and content. Whatever the activity, it is your job to find or recover a habit or activity, talent or skill that invigorates your energy and brings you to a place of mental joy and happiness.

Come on, it’s strictly up to you to get focused or get curious to see what you can rediscover or uncover about yourself that will create more joy in your life!

Painting is so engulfing and also really relaxing, not just for the young, also to be appreciated and engaged by the young at heart.

My greatest wish is that you follow your bliss and learn that being in a happy mental state of mind is a lot more comfortable for your emotive life. Aiming at your desires, targets or markets can really be enjoyable if you embrace all of the actions, habits and life changes that will ensue by your added time and effort.

Adjust your trajectory, when necessary, take the steps to be at-one-with- your own way of thinking and processing your own thoughts and decisions.

Get rid of hindering ways of thinking, disallow other people to influence your thought life, or to influence your decision-making process. Be cognizant and pro-active of hindering actions that cause many distractions or detractors that do not have your best interest at the heart, especially in your interactions with them.

Set aside quiet or alone time to meditate or to hear your own thoughts.

Decide to vibrate with thoughts of higher desires and actions in your daily deeds.

What you do daily can pave the road to your success. Setting an intention in motion for reaching your goals is action taken daily. In honest effort and joyful intentions follow what brings you the most bliss in your emotional arsenal of life actions to reach your desires and dreams with integrity.

Follow your own ideology and watch good habits and efforts bring you happiness. Always remember the power that you daily habits have in your future outcomes and desires for achieving more.

* I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!