December 9, 2023

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Addicted to Golf? – Pro Golf Tech

Addicted to Golf? – Pro Golf Tech


What is it about golf that is so contagious? Why is it that we take this game so seriously? How come we are drawn to the golf courses like moths to the flames? All these questions can be answered with one simple answer. It is human nature to be competitive and to crave entertainment. You crave the smell of fresh cut greens, you love the feel of power that your mega driver gives when you step up to the tee. All arrayed in our uniforms looking like an ad-fomercial for the local Golf Pro Shop. The anticipation of putting your war strategies, that took all week to mastermind, into play.Yea buddy, you have planned on how to avoid the sand traps,bunkers, navigate the waterways, shorts to the tin cup, every detail planned out to a tee. Finally saturday morning tee time has arrived and so have you. You have met up with the hand picked victims of your crusade. The General is in command, your strategy is paying off. The first three holes yours without competition.

Then it happens, around the fifth hole your carefully planned out war strategy has gone to crap. The pressure is now on and the victor falls prey to the victim again by the eighteenth hole. But like a true warrior, you never give up, you will not be taken a P.O.W. The last words of the evening that are forced from the brain to quivering vocal chords across a stuttering tongue and through your thin stretched lips “I have not yet began to play.” You don’t let your adversaries know that it is eating you alive. Now the routine starts all over again you begin the the war plans for next weekend. Guess what you are a full blown golf addict looking for the next golf fix. You have now become a member of the G.A. A. If you are not familiar with this group, you will be before long. It is widely known as the Golf Addicts Anonymous. The help line number is 1.800.whens the next tee time, or you can go to the following web address: i am an This is all in the context of humor, but how close to the truth is it really?


Golf is not just a game to all that play. The golf course is the modern day board room, the office, and the cafe where promotions are given and taken away. It is the million dollar contract awarding ceremonial grounds. You see golf is a game of strategy, skill and composure. How you perform on the course tells a lot about you as a leader, manager and planner. Some will disagree with that statement and there is some grounds to base that argument. But you have to understand that being from both sides of the fence I have seen it and actually have been apart of these meetings. I have set in on contract award meetings that were never signed or awarded until a game or two of golf was played. I have been on the golf course among the whizzing golf balls, the six hundred dollar golf shoes and the humming golf carts when promotions to top assignments were handed out. At times that decision was not arrived at with ones true ability in mind. With all this said, in my opinion this is just one more reason that a person should strive to be the best golf strategists or artists that they can be. You need to know when to take it and when to dish it out. Plan the times when to lay up or when to excel and burn up the course. Study who you are playing with, they may just be the one that helps you move up from the street of struggle to the avenues of abundance. The next time your spouse gets ticked off when you say you are going for a round of golf, just say, Honey I am going out to get the kids college fund, your new home, and I will be back for supper.


So you are hooked on the game of golf and it is still fun and then the “reality” there is more to this game than just trying to see how far you can hit the little white ball. It has become a game of precision, control, strategies and total composure. You have now earned the right to use the golf vocabulary. You use phrases like I bogied the forth hole, I birdied the sixth hole, I eagled the thirteenth and got a hole in one on the eighteenth. You are shooting the high 70s and low 80s then right out of the blue it happens. For some reason you just peaked out. You start asking around if anyone else ever experienced this type of trauma. You try everything your peers suggested and you even get worse at the game of hit and miss golf. Is it your golf stance or your swing technique at the tee. Why is it you can not get anymore distance out of your drive? Why are you hooking left or slicing right? Do you need to stand behind the ball or in front of the ball to get lift and distance?

Maybe it is your weight distribution during you swing. Guess what your buddies are not going to tell you their secrets to how they beat the socks off you every time you play. Hey, don’t worry, you are not the only golfer that has swung that club. Every person that has played the game has kicked their balls, bent their drivers, punished their putters, even tore up the green at one time or more. You are not alone. What ever you do don’t give up on that desire to be a winner. Now is the time to find the hidden secrets to playing consistent and ascending golf. There is enough information on the subject of playing golf like a pro that you could do research from now to the end of man. There is information for the beginner and the unteachable know it all too. It is amazing what the right instructions can do for your golf game. I have been able to improve my game over thirty percent in one season. I don’t get to play that much anymore and if it helped me that much think what it can do for you. So if you want these kind of results or even better results than I had, do yourself a favor and invest in your game.